Hello! Welcome to Back To School Trivia! Well... what did you expect from a substitute school teacher? It IS that time of year... (duh...) *G* So, this week I have a little math ... a bit of science... some language arts. You know ... all kinds of stuff you REMEMBER! Right? Oh. Well, for those of you that don't... and I won't name names... all answers CAN be found on the internet! Good luck to all!

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Lesson V


Anne Rivers Siddons - one of my favorite authors of all time! Where was she born? Where did she attend college and what job did she get fired from while she was there? Why was she fired? Which of her books was described as "The Southern novel for our generation"? Where does she do her writing? And who helps her edit her work? Though she has been compared to Margaret Mitchell, Siddons maintains that her work is different. How does SHE describer her work?


What is this symbol called? #

(we call it a pound sign - but I want the REAL word for it!)


Mathew and Derek each have a collection of Soccer balls. Mathew said that if Derek would give him 8 of his balls they would have an equal number; but, if Mathew would give Derek 8 of his balls, Derek would have 3 times as many balls as Mathew. How many balls does Derek have?


The first and the tenth most deadly hurricanes both hit the same U.S. city. The first in 1900 killed 8000+ people. The 10th in 1915 killed 275. Where did these two hurricanes hit? What category were they? What were their names?


1.) In 1957 Senator Strom Thurmond set a record. What record did he set? And what was he trying to do when he set it?

2.) In 1886 Li Hung-Chang's chef introduced chop suey to Americans. Who was Li Hung-Chang?

3.) In 1966 The Beatles had a very special performance at Candlestick Park. WHY was it special?

4.) What do these three events have in common?


Tell me the Musicals from which these lines came.

1. Have you ever met a man of good character where women are concerned?

2. Prove to me that you're no fool... walk across my swimming pool!

3. When all you care about is here, this is a good place to be.

4. It's as clear as a buttonhook in the well water!

5. Oh, just look at you two. Little seeds of romance blossoming in the savannah.


( I think I blew yesterday's health question! I got thinking later that 4 tbls butter is HALF A STICK! I don't think that would even FIT on a bagle! LOL! I mighta meant tsp... Ohhhhhh well... we go with what's there! Maybe today's question will make more sense!)

What is aquagenic urticaria? One person (and I believe only one) is known to live with this. What is her name? Where does she live? What are some things she feels she's missing out on because of this?


1.) Tommy Lee Jones got his B.A. in English for this University (cum laude).

2.) This east coast college has, since 1966, had it's own Primate Center. Name this University and tell me how many "species" of lemur are residing on this 85 acre habitat?

3.) One of the 10 largest in the U.S., this university has been called the Mother of Astronauts. Name the school and tell me how many men and women from this school have been chosen for space flight? And who was the most famous one?

Lesson IV


Who said...?

a. The man who reads nothing at all is better educated than the man who reads nothing but newspapers.

b. The most effective means of ensuring the government's accountability to the people is an aggressive, free, challenging, untrusting press.

c. Once a newspaper touches a story, the facts are lost forever, even to the protagonists.

d. Committing journalism is . . . so important that it's constitutionally protected. We need to think all the time about what we are doing with that privilege. When we write without that moral perspective . . . we're like the atheist in his coffin: all dressed up and no place to go.

e. Rock journalism is people who can't write interviewing people who can't talk for people who can't read.


1. She said her husband is such a fop! Is he...
a.) gay b.) rude c.) penny-pinching d.) a dandy

2. The CEO's report was mendacious. Was it...
a.) full of lies b.) precise c.) a mess d.) verbose

3. You can join my secret club; but only if you know the argot. Must you know...
a.) secret handshake b.) their special vocabulary c.) membership rules d.) the leader

4. That child's temerity is going to cause him trouble one day! Is he...
a.) too shy b.) strong willed c.) fearless d.) a prankster


A block of wood in the form of a cuboid 3" x 9" x 11" has all its six faces painted purple. If the wooden block is cut into 297 cubes of 1" x 1" x 1", how many of these would have purple paint on them?


What is the mineral name for a sapphire? Does any other "gem" stone share this mineral name? What is a sapphire called that has more than one color within the same stone?


On a Thursday afternoon in October 1904, Mayor George B. McClellan of New York City officially opened .... what?


I was born in Louisianna in 1901.

My first job was singing on the street corner for pennies.

I received my first formal musical training at the Colored Waif's Home for Boys where I was confined for 1 1/2 years for firing "blanks" into the air on New Year's Eve.

For a while I was employed on the Mississippi riverboats where I got to play with many prominent jazz musicians.

I finally made the big time when Joe "King" Oliver hired me to play coronet in his Creole Jazz Band.

I have played and recorded music with the likes of Duke Ellington, Bessie Smith, and Fats Waller.

Who was this fabulous Jazz Man? What was his famous nickname?


This morning for breakfast I had an Everything Bagel with 2 tbsp butter... oh kay... probably more like 4 tbsp butter, and 4 tbsp. cream cheese too. (this IS how REAL people eat...) I also had an 8 oz. glass of tomato juice. What I want to know is this...

How many calories did I eat altogether?

How much time will I have to spend peddling to burn it off?

But if I use my new BOSU instead, how long will it take me?

Oh... you might need to know how much I weigh for this... well, let's just "pretend" I way 135! I dooooo LOVE make-believe! Don't you?


This London College was launched at a tavern on the Strand on December 2, 1823 by it's founder. When it opened it's doors it was dedicated to the education of working people. It is still as such today, though it's name has changed and in 1920 it was adopted as a School of the University of London. A few questions...

1.) What was the original name of this school?

2.) What is it's name today?

3.) For a "growing" college, something rather strange happend in 1925 - what was that?

4.) During the "Blitz" in 1941, this was the ONLY London University to do what?

5.) In 2001 what percentage of this college's research was ranked as being of international importance?

Lesson III


Merlin James Mackintosh Qwilleran (better known as 'Qwill') and his sidekicks Sir Kao K'o Kung (or Koko) and the dainty Yum Yum all live together in a refurbished hexagonal apple barn in Moose County - 400 miles north of everywhere. Qwill is a retired journalist who keeps his hand in all the pots with his "Qwill Pen" articles in the Moose County Something. He has inherited a large fortune, but lives a very simple life, and donates the better part of his monies to charitable needs around the neighborhood through the K Foundation. Qwill's hobbie is solving murders.

So... tell me please ... what is this series of books called and who is the author? Who are Qwill's sidekicks and what part do they play in the stories? Who is Polly Duncan? What is the name of the Pickax Chief of Police? What is unusual about Qwilleran's mustache? (it plays a part in every story as well as being his 'trademark' feature!)

Wow! That's a 7 part question!


Use one of the words given to fill in the blank in these sentences.

a. I couldn't tell _________ (weather, whether) her boots were red or orange.

b. Eating those nuts had a strange _________ (effect, affect) on me.

c. Kitty has been _________ (lieing, laying, lying) in the window all day.

d. It's supposed to be hotter in Texas _________ (then, than) it is in Maryland!

e. I need to get some new ___________ (stationary, stationery) so I can write home.


There is a number that is 5 times the sum of its digits. What is the number?
For instance if the answer was 65, you would add the 6 + 5 and get 11,
then multiply the 11 x 5 = (you should arrive back at 65 - so this DOESN'T work
-- but there is a number that DOES work! what is it?)


We have a Grey Tree Frog living in our yard... sometimes at night he climbs up and hangs on our bedroom window! He's a cute little fella. What color is he? He has a nickname that has to do with his color - what is that nickname? How long does it take to hatch little grey frog eggs? Might you have grey tree frogs living near you?


This famous Philanthropist was born in Dunfermline, Scotland in 1835. His family emigrated to the U.S. and this gent grew to be the "richest man in the world", amassing a fortune of over $480 million dollars. By the time he died in 1919 he had given away 90% of his money. Name this Philanthropist. Tell me the name of the home he bought in Scotland. And tell me 3 "causes" he helped.


Complete the MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS crossword puzzle.

( I made this on-line last night and I don't like the way it's arranged - but I guess
we have to deal with what modern technology gives us... *sigh*)


What the HECK is Wallyball? What makes it different from that "other" game that sounds very much like it? Had you ever heard of it before I asked this question?


1. This Spokane, WA University, founded in 1887 was named after an Italian Jesuit who died in Rome trying to save people from the plague. Name this College please.

2. This school's men's rowers recently medalled at the Royal Canadian Henley Regatta. What is the rowing team called? (team name) How many medals did they receive - and what color were they?

3. Instead of "Spring Break", this school's Law Department has what it calls "anti-spring-break". What do they do during this event?

4. This school offers several study abroad programs. Where would a student travel to if they were to take the Wildlife Management Studies program?

Lesson II

All warmed up? Got the kinks worked out? (yea.... I dunno... we had some kinky stuff goin' on on the board last night...)


Which very famous work of Victor Hugo contains ONE sentence that is, in French, 823 words long? No periods.


7 words use a,e,i,o, & u in either alphabetical order OR reverse alphabetical order. Name them please.


A slug crawls 5 ft up a wall during the daytime. After all that work throughout the day, it sleeps! When it wakes up in the morning it has slipped down 2 ft. while it slept. If this happens every day, how many days will it take the poor little slug to reach the top of a wall 20 ft. in height?


What is the mineral name for a sapphire? Does any other "gem" stone share this mineral name? What is a sapphire called that has more than one color within the same stone?


The trial to impeach President Andrew Johnson began on March 30, 1868. He was charged with "breaking the law" under High Crimes and Misdemeanors. WHAT was the law that he broke?


      "How unusual - a giant image of this singing legend is at the centre of a newly-planted maze.

The tribute to him has been sown at a tourtist attraction to mark the superstar's 65th birthday.

Staff at Heatherton Country Sports Park near Tenby, UK count themselves among the singer's biggest fans.

When fully-grown, the maze, created in a five-acre maize field, will stand up to 13ft tall - although the image can only be seen from the air.

Visitors tackling the puzzle, which is made up by over four miles of pathways, will be posed a series of pop music questions - including some about the singer.

It will be be open to the public from 16 July and remain open throughout the summer season before the maize is harvested at the end of August."

Darn! We missed it! Who is this singer? What was the name of his first band? Who did he collaborate with on 'Carrying A Torch'?


What are Phytochemicals?

Arrange these 4 Vegetables in order of their Phytochemicals. (most to least)

Winter Squash, Broccoli, Carrots, Spinach

Arrange these 4 fruits in order of their Phytochemicals. (most to least)

Blueberries, Oranges, Kiwi Fruit, Apples


a.) This Catholic University in Pittsburgh, PA sits today on as many acres as it had students the first year it opened. What is the name of this University, and what is that magic number?

b.) The above University sponsers a unique ensemble of very talented young folk artists who dedicate their work to the performance and preservation of dances, songs, and music of Eastern Europe and neighboring folk cultures. What is the name of this delightful dance company?

c.) What is the name of this schools' Male and Female Basketball teams?

d.) If "Church Music" is your forte, would you be able to "major" in it at this school? Or might you have to settle for a "minor"?

Lesson I

We'll start off easy cuz I know your brains are rusty.


WHY did Dr. Seuss write Green Eggs and Ham? (see? simple stuff!)


Tell me the eleven letter word that is defined as not being able to locate the word that's on the tip of one's tongue. (this happens to you 20 times a week doesn't it?)


Did you know that the Brits have different terminology for HIGH numbers than the Americans do? Yep - it's true! Tell me, please - what do the British call what we call a "billion"?


The largest hailstone in history (no this is NOT history - this IS science!) fell to earth on August 4, 2003.
How BIG was it? Where was it found? Where is it now?


In the 1850's a certain "poor sighted" young man, having won a design contest, was awarded the right to create a new park in New York City. I'm sure you can guess it was Central Park! Who was the designer? And how many cubic yards of dirt did he move to create it? How many trees did he plant?


I'll give you two quotes. You tell me who said them. (both came from the same person)

1) "I will be opening Live 8 in Hyde Park with a little Irish band you may have heard of called U2, singing Sergeant Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band, a song made famous by another little band I used to play with."

2) "I seem to recall that at Live Aid I was being referred to as an elder statesman, so what does that make me now? And even older elder statesman. And there's nothing wrong with that. I feel like an ex-president of rocknroll."


This work-out program combines the cardiovascular and toning benefits of an aerobics class, the spiritual connection of the martial arts, and the practical element of self-defense. What is the class called and who is the seven time world karate champion and seventh degree black belt that came up with it?


1. Riptide the Pelican is mascot for this University. Name it and tell me where it's located.

2. The above mentioned University houses the A.B.Freeman School of Business. For the 2nd year in a row the Freeman School will host a "Rockin' the Market" Party this fall. Where does the party take place? AND... what is the more "academic" purpose of this party?

3. In the Summer of 2004 the above mentioned U had a beautiful new "front entrance" created for it. It consists of a long low wall with the schools name in bronze lettering and four, 11 foot tall limestone pillars, each engraved with the school's shield, set strategically around the circle in front of the school. This series of pillars now has a "name" - if you would please, tell me the name of this structure. I would also like to know WHY this long standing institution felt the NEED for this new entrance -- it's a very specific reason -- AND I would like to know the name of the "other" thing causing this problem!

4. In 1886, the Newcomb College was founded as a part of the above University. Who founded Newcomb? WHY? And what made it so important? (it was the "first" to do something... what was that?)

All done?

Okay. Put your papers on my desk and...

You're Dismissed!