Welcome Earthling...
To The Dark Side The Moon!

Please accept MY gift you to YOU!

This is where I've set up my Earth Station for the duration of the RAOK (Random Acts of Kindness) Summer Space Camp games! I'm collecting many specimens from other planets! Some have been gifts to me from Moon Dancer -- She/he is my very own personalized "spoiler" during this game! Some of the other items are gifts from others, or things I've "found" in my space travels!

This is the first gift
that Moon Dancer
sent me. (Along with an
invitation to dance on the
moon!) Whoo hoo!

Wystful1 left this for me!
Thank you Sweetie!

This one came from TxTrish!

I stumbled upon this after I
voted the Jetsons for my
favorite space family!

That sweet ol' Moon Dancer
sent me THIS on day 2!
YUMMY! She is spoilin' me good!

.....And these....

...and THESE!....
I am sO spoiled!

On day 3, My RAOK Moon Dancer picked me up
early this morning in her shiney rocket - - - This one - - - >
and said we were going on a picnic to the planet of my choice!
I chose Saturn, cuz I love swinging on the rings! She
packed a picnic lunch to DIE for -- turkey, ham, mashed
potatoes, dressing -- These aliens KNOW how to do a
picnic!!! I had no idea! Well, we ATE alright and now...
Guess What???

and I can't get up!

Well... day four started off with food too! My darling Moon Dancer bought me a day in a bed-n-breakfast -- oh it is LUXURIOUS! And don't you know the proprietor is dead set on fillin' my belly every waking moment! I think I'm just gonna die!
But... I will die HAPPY!
Cuz look at THIS beautiful present my Moon Dancer got for me!

Ohhhhh! When this came this morning I couldn't
get the wrapping paper off quick enough!
Isn't it just gorgeous???
Thank you sO much Moon Dancer!!!

And then Anne dropped this off
and she is sO smart!

These games ARE about making new friends!
I've made two GREAT ones!!!

Whooo whee! Look what day 5 brought me!
I just DARE any space alien to treat their earthling BETTER than mine has treated me! LOL!!!

She sent me this!!!
Whoo! I am Stylin' now!!!
Fully loaded with anit-kid devices and everything!

And then she sent me all these little furry friends too! I wonder how she KNEW I love Teddy Bears! hehehe...

Nick sent this to me!
Thanks Nick!
I love it!
Look at these darling

Alien Hatchlings I found!

On day 6 I received from my Secret Space Cadet ...

This darling little fluff mop!
I named her "Nova".
She and Jewl are going to
be best friends!

And fiiiiiiinally...
I got to go DANCIN' with my Moon Dancer!!!
Did we knock 'em dead or WHAT?

It was sUch a great day!

And when the week was over, my new dear friend, Gretchen, sent a hot air balloon to float me back to Earth! If you click on it, it will float you to HER house and you can meet her and her wonderful family! She is really one GREAT friend!

Gretchen, Thank you so very much
for such a wonderful, fabulous week!!!