Are like best friends

you can fight with them

and confide in them

laugh and cry with them

while away the time with them

Whether they're right around the corner

or miles and miles away

doesn't make any difference

there's always things to say

they can be there for your guidance

or be a total pain in the rear

they can fill your loneliest moments

or drive you to reach for a beer

sometimes they nag the heck out of you

sometimes they make you scream!

but lots of time they make you smile

and they often believe in your dream

So sisters are a complicated lot

mostly fate, but with Bonds that grew

and if "The Gods" saw fit to throw us together

i'm glad, that for me, they picked you!

a poem -by me -P'u

Hope your day is Wunnerful Melli girl!

PS:  This poem came about as a result of wanting to give you that globe, and then, of course, it needed something to go with!    So please grab it.   

Yeah!  Lets go get some more presents!