Year of the ROOSTER 


Ranking order : Tenth 
Hours ruled by the : 5 pm - 7 pm 
Direction of its sign : Directly West
Season and principal month : Autumn - September
Corresponds to Western sign : Virgo
Fixed Element : Metal
Stem : Negative


Year: 1909, 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017, 2029 
Greatest Affinity : Ox, Snake 
Greatest Enmity : Rabbit 


I am on hand
To herald in the day,
And to announce its exit.
I thrive by clockwork and precision.
In my unending quest for perfection
All things will be restored to their rightful place.
I am the exacting taskmaster.
The ever-watchful administrator.
I seek perfect order in my world.
I represent unfailing dedication.

I am the Rooster.


The Rooster, or Chicken as he is called, is the Don Quixote of the Chinese cycle. The dauntless hero who must look to the earth to survive, he is the most misunderstood and eccentric of all the signs. outwardly, he is the epitome of self-assurance and aggression, but at heart he could be conservative and old-fashioned.

Roosters are born under the sign of candor and the Chinese say that there are two basic Rooster groups. Those born between 5 and 7 in the morning and those between 5 and 7 in the evening are called sunup/sundown Roosters, and are usually distinguished by their cock-sure bluntness. For these Roosters money is for spending and having an overdraft is something they just learn to live with. The reverse side of the coin is the save-every-penny Rooster, who form the second group. These birds are the kind to spend all morning walking around the supermarket looking for the day's bargain. Even the hard saving Rooster is tainted with the spendthrift influence. Once they have saved a tidy pile it is frequently squandered in a flash, usually on something quite unexpected.

Roosters are no nonsense folk. They are generally easy to spot in a crowd, being self assured, talkative and frank. Male Roosters are usually just plain boastful. No other sign is more outspoken or moral. Whereas some animals have an influence that provides a low moral horizon and few if any scruples, the high-minded Rooster has more than enough to go around. Getting attention is a natural function of the Rooster influence and the Chinese say that their sign has a military significance. Indeed, with all those wonderful feathers and red crown it is easy to see why.

Conservative with a small c, and often with a big one, Roosters are exceptionally methodical. They adore keeping notebooks and are forever writing all manner of things on bits of paper which are then filed and put away. They also tend to build castles in the air, which leads to another prominent feature of their personality; to promise more than they can deliver. A little short of initiative at times, once Roosters find a task that fits their rigid temperament nothing will stand in a Roosters way.

For all their conceit and candor, Roosters are deeply secretive about their private relationships. Although They may lack tact, there can be no doubting a Roosters honesty and in a relationship it would be a very rare Rooster indeed to be the first to wander. This is especially the case in female Roosters. Quick to point out the faults in others, Roosters of both sexes are not so happy about being criticied or even teased themselves. Although naturally good mixers, Roosters might be just as contented with their own company. However, female Roosters are more than happy to spend a night out with the girls.

The first of a Roosters three phases, childhood, is thought to be the most auspicious.  Rooster children are bright and attentive and make the most of their youthful exuberance.  Middle years are often dogged by money matters and their over the top morality tends to break up rather than heal marriage difficulties.  Old age finds the Rooster, more often than not, a rather solitary creature. Happy in their gardens (which all Roosters love) they will at least have their dreams.

Happy Rooster Day Bubba-ette!

Luv Ya!



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