Dis here is a Happy Virgo Page set!


Being as hard pressed as i was to come up with an idea, this came to mind.   It was an attempt to give you something "Useful" and entirely your own.    i think, in retrospect,  i wudda done you better to have made a beary bear page.  Cuz really, waddaya gonna do with this?

But!  Should you ever get the urge to make a page about virgos or . . .Curly M's!   .... well Darlin, you're are ready!

So the thing at the top is a banner of sorts?  i've left everything blank so you could fill things in with your own words since you've gotten so dam spiffy with graphics.  Below here are some buttony thingys.   

Well . .it's the thought that counts right?    And it is pretty just to look at.

Happy Virgo Birth-Day!!!




There's more!  Back ya go!