"I wish we all could be
California Giiiiiiirls...."
Lady Lisa was born in California!
Come stroll through the past with some of your closest friends! You know, we "see" each other almost every day. We chat... we hug... we laugh... we cry... we share together some of the most precious moments of our lives. We celebrate the births of babies and grandbabies. We mourn the loss of loved ones. We cheer each other on everyday ... and we offer encouragement when it seems like one more day might be too much to handle. Some of us are BEST of friends... but yet... many of us don't even know what each other look like! It's high time we find out!

On this page you'll find some of our childhood photos -- in no particular order. Below that the list of our participants -- in alphabetical order! You do not have to have your picture here to play our game -- nor to participate in the magnificent feast I've prepared! See how many faces you can put with their owner! I may have a prize or two tucked up my sleeves for the ones who get the most correct matches! But I think the most fun part will be the sharing of our childhood selves! I must say, we were some exceptionally adorable children!
My favorite "toy" is words!
Our Island Princess writes
beautiful poetry!

On your mark... get set... Go! You have until Midnight Sunday, July 22nd to submit your answers to me! Next Monday night I will reveal these little darlings identities!

I love "When You Say Nothing"
and when my dog says
BELINDA loves that song
and her puppy!

Look at these EYE BROWS!
These are "perfect" eyebrows!
Lucky Me! ~ I Don't need to pluck a thing!
Joyce is a cosmetologist!

I LOVE my home!
(and I'm not bluffing!)
Jan loves her home in the
Iowa bluffs.

I am the Belle of the Ball!
Polly is INDEED our little Southern Belle!
(and she goes to all the Mardi Gras Balls!)
He's eating
luterana is an

I don't LOOK like a Granny...
But I'm a GREAT one!!!
Camomile is this "great-grandma"!

hehehe... Would you believe
I've adopted an Old Man?
I wish you would too!
Melissa adopted her dear Poodle
when he was 18 yrs. old!

I don't mean to be critical...
but this story is putting me to SLEEP!
Wystful1 is our "resident"
Movie Critic.

I didn't do it!
I couldn't of done it!
I'm too cute to
have done it!
Resa IS cute!
But she probably DID it anyway!

Could I have some Pork Bellies
and Pig Skins with that?
And a Pepsi!
And some HOT SAUCE!
Lady Irene collects Pigs!

I did it!
Of course I did it!
Wellllllll.... Melli DID do it!

I'm going to the Chapel.
My "mummie" said I could!
Candlerose is engaged!
(and she loves studying Egyptian artifacts!)

The little beauty on the LEFT is the one!
She has learned that
"Little Things" are special.
Page has a wonderful poem on her
page called "Little Things".
I caught the BIG
one! And he didn't
get away!
Anne caught NICK!
(Congratulations Lovebirds!)

I'm just a little "princess".
Today Mildred is our Trivia QUEEN!

When I grow up I'm going to be
a famous pastry chef!
Gramma Nancy bakes the BEST
cookies in town!

I'm just happy to be ME!
Kymmaree knows she's a beauty!
(Inside & out!)

This RAOK friend is in her Mama's arms.
She has just one question...
"Sprechen Sie Deutsch?"

If KIND SOUL had put this game together,
SHE would have known the difference
between Germany and Austria!!!

Think you know who they are? hehehe...
Well, let me help you out a little! Here is the list of players. Some of them have allowed you to "click" them to find a "recent" picture. Perhaps that will help a bit. (or not)
(a few of us have changed in the last 40 years or so!) An * indicates they have a more recent picture of themselves on one of their pages. Some clues are taken from their pages -- and some clues are just from what has become common knowledge on the board. In either case, don't always accept the obvious! Be creative!

*Gramma Nancy
*Island Princess
Kind Soul
*Lady Irene
*Lady Lisa
*Mildred / Diane

Well, the tallies are in! It has been great fun seeing what you all thought! Apparently this game was a lot harder than I thought it would be! Nobody got them all right! But... our winners are here! And I hope you all had as much fun as I did! I think you did!

We had a tie for first place!




Island Princess
Gramma Nancy


Ooooo! Look here! I've received some very special gifts!

Thank you Wystful1!

Thank You Resa!

Thank you Island Princess!

Thank you Anne!

Thank you Camomile!
And thank You
for making this
week so much fun!

(while your at the board be sure to tell Polly what a beauuuuuuutiful adorable page she made for our Memory Lane party!)
Huggy Smoooooochies to you Polly!
I loooooove this set!!!
It's really perfect!
Thank you!