(My AOL screen name ... incase your lookin' for me)

HOYven Mayven!

Name: Mat
Age: 18
Height: 5' 11''
                Weight: 140                
Hair: Strawberry Blonde/Red
Eyes: Depends on my mood!
Sssup!? Hey! I'm Mat. This is my page. Know how I know? Cuz it says so ...
right there ----> <---- right there
I guess that's a pretty good indication.

And, since it's my website, it's all about ME!
I'm a SENIOR (woot! woot!) in high school, and I'm planning to LOSE my license soon. Let's just say my feet are made of concrete? I may be walkin' for awhile. Well... not really. I don't walk. I riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide!


This is Bob and Ben - 2 guys
I've skated with for a long time.

This is Ben doing his trick. He's doin a 5-0.

This is Bob. I'm not sure what he's doing! He does a bunch of crazy crap on this ramp!

This is Dave, and this is his favorite ramp to do tricks off of.

This is me again doing a crooks down the ledge.                                         

Guess that's it for now!
Check back in the next millennium -
I might find time to update again by then!
In the mean time...
Peace out...