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Much thanks to Moyra for MOST of the beautiful artwork on this page & back- ground. Please visit her soon.

This is a page at Bubbles house that MUST have been made for Amanda! Ms. Bubbles says she made it for HER daughter, but I'm not sure... see what YOU think!

This page was last altered on 2-27-03.

Amanda is my Lunar Child. Her Aunt Sarah says this is all wrong. (Sarah's into astrology) She says Amanda is a Sun person, born under the sign of Leo, she is ruled by the sun. But I'm the Mama and I know better. (actually, I do believe the sun rules Amanda's disposition because she is without a doubt one of the sunniest people you would ever care to meet!) However, she is a Lunar Child! Even as a toddler Amanda would gaze out the window and watch the moon -- the man in the moon was her first infatuation, and it has lasted her lifetime! The very first prayer she learned as a child was "I see the moon & the moon sees me; God Bless the moon, and God Bless Me!". She's not a terribly religious person today -- but I think she still likes that prayer! And her favorite book was always "Goodnight Moon". I still have it memorized today.

      The moon has also proven to be a source of comfort to Amanda at times. (and to me too!) When she went off to Boot Camp, she would sometimes look up at the moon and realize, that back home we were seeing the very same moon. It gave her a sense of being connected, even if only in a very small way. Just a little piece of security. Yes - the moon is Amanda's blanky! So, with that in mind, I give you my version of my Lunar Child. I wrote this for her while standing in the shower one morning. (Now, that's a pleasant little share to share isn't it???) It was in the midst of her 16th year and she was really starting to venture out into the world and discover her true spirit. The one ungoverned by parental influence!

Lunar Child

            Starlight calls you
                    Moonbeams drifting
            Lunar Child : Your dreams
                    are lifting
                    you higher

            Ever soaring toward new adventure
                    Too wild to tame
                            It's just a game
                Fulfilling your

            The galaxy has no ties to bind you
            Where you are is where we'll find you    
                    Lunar Child : Oh, so rare
                    A Gem
                            A Jewel
                                    Beyond compare
            Following your spirit
                    As it roams free
            The world is yours


      Amanda now lives out in Colorado with her handsome hubby (or hoosband as she calls him ... it's okay ... he calls her wiffy) Hector! She and Hector met when they were both in the Army, stationed at Fort Bragg. They fell immediately into a beautiful love/hate relationship, and have lived on the edge ever since!!! *S* Actually... they married 4 years ago, and did have a rocky time for a while. Amanda came home and they got their singular acts together, and in less than a year they were back together. They are now VERY happy and doing very well!!! I'm sO proud of both of them because they had the courage and the desire to overcome their tough times and they came out the better for it! Now they are working on providing ME with a grandchild. I hope and pray every day that the good news will come! When it does... you'll find it here.

Hector & Amanda