Okay, so I'm Krysti. (but you should already know this) Hey guess what! This page is all about me! That makes it very special. And you must remember me because I plan on being very famous someday. (dont ask how but I will get there I promise!) By the way - I am only 13 so don't think that I'm 32 and I'm a dismal failure! I am no dismal failure - as a matter of fact! I have already been in 2 school plays (nothing special), but I could be famous someday! Right?

This was the first play I was in...

And this was my 2nd!

      I like to style hair also, so if I don't become famous myself, I could always work for the rich and famous, thereby becoming a famous stylist! (see it could work!)

Here are some of the styles I've done to myself...

See? I do my own braids!

Once I even did my sister's
too. She had paid $130 to get
it done once! I did it for

I didn't do much styling
here... but I did use a
lot of hairspray! LOL!

I didn't CUT my own hair,
BUT... my hair is naturally curly!
I straightend it!

      Well you know - I dont HAVE to be famous! I could always work with animals! I happen to have some experience in that line of work! I have a stubborn kitty (better known as Kitty the GREAT), and I have a puppy - her name is Jewl (but I like to call her Boo). BUT... I could always work with ?famous? pets????

Speaking of which... these are my little precious pets!

Kitty the Great...


And Jewl...


      I like to do stuff too. I like to be busy all the time and I don't like to be bored! So on weekends I take horseback riding lessons with my best friend Nikki. (my horse's name is Chessie.) And in the summer time you can't keep me away from the swimming pool! But in the winter time... we'll get back to that later! I like to swim - oh yes i do!!!! So I can kinda favor summer over winter - but.... I hate to be hot too - so I like the temperature in the winter time!

      Did I tell you how much I absolutely LOVE amusement parks?!?!?! Yea well I do! And I like the rollercoasters the best! Yea and the rest of the rides are good too. But I definately like the rollercoasters! WHEEEE! okay I'll stop now :)


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