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This is obviously Dennis' page! I do sneak into the shop from time to time -- to steal sandpaper, or paint large items -- but this is HIS place! Since we built our home in 1988 Dennis has probably spent more time in this garage than in any other room in the house. It's really NOT that we don't like each other -- we just want lots of STUFF -- and he makes it all! Its quite handy having a guy around the house that can look at a picture of something I like in a magazine and then go into his shop and create it for me! No plans, no directions - just a picture and voila'! I might be prejudiced, but I think he's GREAT! Come on! I'll Show ya some of the stuff he's made!

This is a desk that he
made for in the kitchen.
It really turned out nice,
don't ya think? (and
by the way, this one was
all HIS idea! I didn't even
request it! His design. His


Too bad it will never be
this clean again!

Now, here are a lot more pictures of things that he has made. Click on them to see the the BIG picture! Then click 'Back' on your browser to come back here.


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