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Karin Fejer

July 11th

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July 17th

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July 23rd

Happy Birthday Dear TREASURE!!!


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There's a pretty good chance that you don't KNOW that I make an awesome birthday cake! I've been an accomplished totally UNprofessional cake baker for ohhhhh about 23 years now! That's because Amanda is 23 years old now! If you're of a mind to, I would LOVE to share some (lots) of my cakes with you. You don't have to look at ALL of them if you don't want to, but please DO come see a few!

A few years ago, when my Aunt Wanda was still alive, she lived in Minnesota and I was in Maryland. I desperately wanted to bake a cake for her, but I knew I couldn't do that. Cakes have a way of not traveling very well through the mail! So, instead I tried to find a service that would send a cake for me -- like a flower shop does! Only I couldn't find one anywhere. Well, low and behold, the other day while I was searching for graphics for this page, what pops up but WIREACAKE.COM !!! I was sooo excited, I just hadda share it with you! I checked them out, and they aren't cheap -- but really they're no worse than sending flowers! Just thought you might have a need one day and now you know where to find them!
(I would make a good advertisement, wouldn't I???)
And last but not least, just incase you just remembered you forgot to send someone special a card, here are few of MY favorite E-card Shops!


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