You thought we were gonna be a SCAREY site!!!
Admit it! You know you did!
Hee hee hee... we tricked you!

Well, some people think we are a rather scarey bunch! So I guess you're half right! Halloween has always been one of our FAVORITE times of year here. I nearly always made the kids costumes -- yes ... made -- as opposed to make! Alas, they have all outgrown the Trick-or-Treating phase, and are now into just answering the door -- and eating all the candy! LOL! Hey! Do you like my pumpkins? The ones up there on the shelf! I painted them a few years ago! It was fun -- but just NOT the same as a good ol' spooky carved pumpkin! We always have one for each member of the family though! (the little teeny white one was for Kitty...)

Well, let me show you some of our former costumes ... then we'll take a little tour through the neighborhood and see what kinda goodies the neighbors are givin' away!

This was Amanda's first halloween!
(and one of MY first attempts
at sewing!)

She was a clown AGAIN
when she was about 14!

This was Mathew's first!
Whenever I'm hard up for
an idea, I always grab
a blank pillowcase!
Before I know it, it
becomes something! LOL!

More Pillowcase Costumes!

Krysti - Pop Qwiz Popcorn
Mathew -- the scarey Pirate and...
Derek -- Captain Crunch!

Just for the record ... my kids have given me a really hard time about having "always" dressed them in pillowcases! :)

Amanda's 3rd --
She couldn't wait to
fly that broom!

The Twins
(totally appropriate!)
This one has a saaaad story...

I made these little ghost costumes for the twins and thought they were really cute! I took them to a halloween party up at the church and on our way out I heard a parent say that it was just "sick" the way I had dressed those two in KKK outfits! I was just devastated! I told her they were ghosts - and she apologized, but the damage had been done! For me to think that anyone ELSE might have thought that! But I still think they look like ghosts... what do YOU think?

We've gone through our
share of Super Heros!
This time Derek was
being MAGNETO!

And we've done Disney ...

Meet Pooh!
aka Amanda
2 yrs old.

Who are THESE Frightful characters???

Amanda the Vampire & Hector the Monster
Krysti & Mathew are Army guys of one sort or another...
And Derek is Frog Man! LOL!

Bet ya can't guess who
THIS is!

What would Halloween be
without a little black cat?


I want my Mummy!
(Mathew is hiding in there...

Krysti was Raggedy Ann
Derek was a BACKPACK!
(his idea!)
Mathew -- the businessman!
(this is totally out of
character for him!

And laaaaaaast .... but not least....

Krysti & Derek
Their FIRST Halloween
(my widdle punkin heads!)

Okie Doke! Let's go see what kind of TREATS we can find!

              Still a bit early, but maybe there's SOMEthing there...