Now, remember... it's dark out here... everybody stick together! And before we LEAVE, does anyone need to go potty?

... ... ... Then we're off!

Go ahead... knock on the door. Don't forget to say Trick or Treat!
( and remember your thank you's!)

I see you hiding that T.P. behind your back!  You just put that AWAY!

WOW! You made quite a haul!!! Ya ready to go home? No?
Well, there's only one more house in the neighborhood....
but it's said to be HAUNTED...
Oh, it's probably just some silly rumor! Go ahead!

MUUUUUUUUAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I eat your kind for snacks!

WOW! That was pretty Scarey!
Ohhhhh... do you have to run off so soon?
Oh, but ... well... see ya next year!