With Some Veggies on the Side!

Day 1

1. Of all fruits "native" to the United States, this is the largest. It's flavor has been compared to banana, pineapple & mango. It is grown in 26 States from Florida to Maine, and from Maryland to Nebraska! There is an old folk song written about this fruit. Please tell me the name of the fruit, the name of the song, and what the little girl in the song was doing with the fruit.

The Pawpaw Patch
Pickin' up pawpaws, putting them in her pocket. (or basket)


2. If you're looking for an afternoon snack, pick this fruit -- It's trees are grown on every continent except Antarctica! What is it?


3. What state is the Sweet Potato the official vegetable of?

North Carolina

Day 2

1. American colonists created grey paint by boiling this fruit in milk. And though Maine produces 99% of them, when mixed in a muffin they are the offical STATE MUFFIN in the Land of 10,000 lakes! Recent studies have shown that eating this fruit can decrease age-related motor changes and increase results on memory tests. Just 3.5 ounces of this fruit, enough to cover a bowl of cereal in the morning, has the antioxidant capacity of 1,773 International Units of vitamin E.


2. Before WWII, this sweet treat was sold with a banana cream filling. But during the battle at Pearl Harbor bananas were in short supply, and so they were sold with a plain vanilla cream filling instead. It has remained so to this day. What is this sweet treat?


3. This is a common evergreen tree with large oval to elliptical leaves, belonging to the Laurel family, which also includes cinnamon, camphor, and sassafras. It bears a fruit that tastes like a vegetable. This fruit will not ripen on the tree. It must be removed for the ripening process to begin. What is it?


4. In Blue Hill, Nebraska, a woman can not be seen eating an ONION in public if she is wearing _______________________________________.

A hat that would scare a timid person!

Day 3

1. Getting to these sweet red beads is a LOT of work! This fruit grows on a spiney shrub. It was this fruit that Persephone ate which gave Pluto his power over her. What is this fruit? What did Pluto do with his new found power? What was the result of his actions?

The Pomegranite
He kept her from returning to Earth.
It caused WINTER!


2. The wild version of this veggie is thought to date back to prehistoric times. The bitter taste of it's roots indicates that it was probably valued more as an herb than an edible vegetable. By contrast, it's cultivated form has been eaten and enjoyed for approximately 2,000 years. Rich in Vitamin A, it comes in a variety of colors, from orange to red, white, and even purple. It is the favorite snack of a certain cartoon mammal. What is it? Who is the cartoon character that likes to eat it?

Bugs Bunny

3. Why didn't the Mother Potato want her daughter to marry the famous newscaster?

Because he was a "common-tater".

4. In certain parts of Mexico, Christmas Eve is also called the "Night of the Radishes". What do they do with the radishes on that night?

Carve them into animal shapes.

Day 4

It's __________________ weather,
that summer kind of weather,
when people get together an' sing!

It's the time of year the stars
seem to dance with laughter
an' the moon's so big an' ripe
it can hardly climb!

So, why don't you meander
to your best gal's veranda
an' sorta, kinda, hand her the ring?

For it's the sweetheart kissin' season,
and all the world's in rhyme,
when it's __________ sweet love tellin' time!

This is the time to sing
this kind of purdy little ditty
a walkin' along an' singin' a song
an' clinging to someone purdy,
the type of a tune to go with the moon
that's sailin' along a way on high!

After strollin' a while, for maybe a mile,
remember to stop an' pop the question!
if your timin' is right, your future is bright,
as bright as a ___________ sky!

An' then when you found a bench for two,
you found your cue to linger
the chance you sought, to show what you bought,
you happily thought to bring her,
to cinch the thing, you give her the ring,
you purchased from the five an' dime!

Take her in your arms an' whisper,
that you are mine all mine,
with that line to sell, I'm here to tell,
that you'll do well in ____________ time!

For it's the sweetheart kissin' season,
and all the world's in rhyme,
when it's ___________ sweet love tellin' time!

One sweet fruit will fill in all the blanks! Please give me the fruit, the name of the song, and the name of it's two artists! (words & music)

Watermelon Weather
Hoagy Carmichael & Paul Francis Webster


2. This fruit is native to India and has the great honor of being the most favored tropical fruit in the WORLD! It comes in red, yellow-red, green or purple and can vary in size from about the size of a duck's egg to about 5 lbs. It might be oval, round, or sometimes even kidney shaped.


3. The Our Father is 66 words long. The Declaration of Independance boasts 1,322 words. HOW MANY WORDS are in the Government's Regulations dictating the sale of Cabbage?


4. This vegetable was called "mad apple" when it was first introduced into northern Europe -- botanists believed eating it caused insanity. What is it?


Day 5

1. Many folks, me included, are shocked to find that you can eat the fuzzy skin of this fruit. It originated in China's Yangtze River Valley and grows on vines. It is an excellent source of vitamin C an fiber.


2. Swampy bogs? Not MY favorite place! But that's where this fruit grows... What is it?


3. This vegetable was originally thought to be poisonous. It was brought into acceptance on September 26, 1820 when Colonel Robert G. Johnson ate an entire basket full of them, sitting on the courthouse steps in Salem, New Jersey. The assembled crowd expected to see him drop dead, but when he remained healthy, this veggie won it's spot as one of America's favorites!


4. List the 5 fruits required to make Ponche de Frutas.



Day 6

1. In ancient Greece, the winner of certain athletic events were given this vegetable, sort of like we give the winner flowers today.


I also accepted Olive Branches or Olive Leaves

2. This is a very important fruit! It is mentioned in the Bible -- the rod of Aaron was made from this tree. It is also mentioned in mythology. Phyllius dies of a broken heart after Demophoon deserts her. The Gods, out of sympathy, change her into this tree. The fruit is equally at home with Chicken, salad, or chocolate. Name it.


3. American composer Charles Ives had a cat who liked a specific vegetable. What was that vegetable? What was the name of the vegetable-loving cat?


4. We've all heard of Fried Green Tomatoes ... but according to Edna Lewis there is another vegetable that tastes good when fried green! Name it!

Fried Green Corn

And the winners are:




Congratulations ladies and gent!
You were all great players and it was
a pleasure hosting for you!