That would be me!

I am Freedom! I am a beauuuuutiful 7 month old House Cat! I used to live in a barn and had a girl named Tyfany, but she couldn't keep me cuz they were tearin' down the barn and her family was allergic to me ... imagine that! So, on June 1st 2003 I adopted her boyfriends family. I was only 6 weeks old when that happend. Since then I've lived in a nice comfy house!

The important thing about adopting humans is that you have to take them all together. They don't like to be split up. (this might be true when you "buy" too... I don't know.) So, when I adopted this family, this is what I got:

1 Dad

1 Mom

My Boy

1 Sister

1 Brother

1 Cat

1 Dog

There are a few others in storage I think... they're in the Colorado bin.
A sisfur I think, and a brother-with-claws or something like that.
No wonder they put them away. I'm just telling you what I heard.

This is a purrty good home here. I'll tell you why I like it ...

I've gotten really good
at helpin' Mom on the puter!

And there are really COOL places to play!
Me~vs~Stopper! We do battle daily now!

And... the Mom purrson buys me pawesome toys - all the time!
Yes, I yam furry spoiled!

And another thing I like about THIS home is it has some furry wonderful comfy cozy spots for sleeping...


This is where I wait for Mama every night so we can go to bed!

But... the MOST important reason why I like it here? I bet you can guess! ...

(well... maybe not that GREAT Kitty...)
He just sits on the chair, or on the counter, all High & Mighty.
Thinks he's too refined for a good game of chase!
HA! I'll get him... you just wait!
NObody is immune to the frisky charms of an adorable kitten!

But my BOY loves me!

See? He's always kiss'n on me when that GIRLfriend's not around!

And that sister girl - she loves me too!

Mama says I will NEFFUR be too big to cuddle with her!

See? Jewl knows! She loves me!

She and I are best friends! I wish mama would let me go outside
and play with her too... maybe someday...*sigh*

There is only ONE thing I do NOT like about living in this house... I will tell mew what it is....

If I happen...

to get in the sawdust...

and get all itchy...

Then I gotta get a bath!!!

Look! I got a present!
Mommy's friend RiRi made this fur me!
Guess it's cuz my beauty is "timeless".

If you want to tell me how adorable I am,
you can sign the guestbook down there. Mommy's making
Kitty (the GREAT) share it with me.
(nanny nanny nannnnnnnny....)

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