this is my club card! I'm O-fishul.

hehehe... i joined CLAW a little while ago and I'm havin' fun fun fun! they got a kittengarten that I go to and I'm learnin' stuff, and there's LOTS of groups and guilds to join and always somethin to get into! I like gettin' inta stuff. And I like to POUNCE! Pouncin' is my furry favorite thing to do! nobody minds when I pOuNce at CLAW ... 'cept my big brofur... but he minds effurything I do so he don't count! Meowmie says I'm 'llowed to PoUncE at CLAW and Ms. Tabitha and Mr. Servo say I can ... and Mr. Kahn (mr. ghengis kahn!) he says I'm efen 'llowed to pOUnCe at kittengarten. And so I do.


I really DO like to get into stuff...

So... meowmie said I could get into some CLAW stuff and so I joined the Back Seat Kitties Support Group! That's a good one fur me cuz my big brofur, Kitty the Great (ha!) is a really big shot active super member of the group and involved in effurything -- effurything EXCEPT Back Seat Kitties! So it was where I headed FIRST! I made a page for them ... well, meowmie helped some. But mostly I did it... with meowmies help. Wanna see? Here ya go! BSKSG

Okay, I also joineded Fuzzy Kitties Society. Well... I AM a fuzzy kitty, so I should be there! And we DO have lots of fun there too! Sometimes we do arts and crafts... one time we made BEACH towels! I liked that activity! Mine was furry good! Even KTG said so ... and he neffur says so!

Soon Me ~n~ meowmie are gonna make a Fuzzy Kitties page! If you come back you will see! So come back! yep yep yep...

The other group that I joined, my brofur does belong to. It is the Cats Who Live With Dogs Group. I do live with a dog and I do LOVE my dog! Jewl and I are furry best furriends! We get along waaaaaay better than me and Kitty. Jewlie licks my face and loves all over me! She's the BEST! I am definately gonna be makin' my own CWLWD page! Jewl and I just gotta share sO much! Maybe tomorrow I will make that one! So you come back then! Okay?

In the meantime... you might wanna think about joining CLAW, if you don't already belong! IF you are a cat ... you gotta be a cat! ... and you wanna have some fun, and you like to do good things for other kitties, then you come! Join us! You will like it!

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