We spent the twins 5th birthday
in Ocean City. These were
the cakes to honor the

The Grateful Dead

It was a long, strange trip making this cake, let me tell ya! This was for a good friend of ours, by his wifes request! She had asked a few bakeries and they couldn't do a Dead Head cake -- so she resorted to ME.

          Amanda's 17th Birthday! She celebrated by hiring a personal body trainer!

I wrote a really BAD rap to go with this cake. SO bad that I will only share it on request. You may click the picture to find it!

Amanda's 2nd Birthday.

NOTHING would do for Mathew's 4th birthday but Leonardo with TWO swords on his back!
When Krysti can't think of anything else, a kitty is always welcome! She's had 3 and I honestly don't remember which year this one was for! (I'm BAD!)

On Mathew's 10th birthday we gave him a surprise party. The theme was a treasure hunt -- the basketball was just the OTHER cake, as usual!

The twins had their 4th birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese. They will provide the cake - but we chose to bring our own. The proprietors LOVED it -- but the other families having parties that day weren't too thrilled!
Another one of Derek's soccer cakes!

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