I learned two things while I was scanning the pictures for this page today. One is that I make MUCH nicer cakes NOW than I did 23 years ago. And the other thing is that I am a MUCH better photographer NOW than I was 23 years ago. See if you don't agree! (poor Manda! She had all the 'practice' cakes!)

Okay, so this is the first cake! Amanda's FIRST birthday! I still think it was an admirable first attempt! And a better camera might have helped!
And this is the most recent! Krysti & Derek's 10th birthday!We've come a LOOOONG way baby! Pika! Pikachu!

And this one was for Amanda's 3rd birthday.

Are you coming to the same conclusions I did yet???

There comes a time when cute and furry just won't cut it anymore! This was that time!

This was Derek and Krysti's 3rd birthday. They shared a party, but did NOT want to share a cake! They almost always each get their own cake.

Derek's first choice is ALWAYS a soccer cake! This comes from having a birthday in SEPTEMBER!

Big Bird was for Mathew's 2nd birthday. He also had a fire engine cake that year. For some reason Mathew almost always gets 2 cakes! Amanda's 9th year.

This was a MUCH cuter cake than the picture shows! And a great memory of a celebration at Great Falls!
This was the year Amanda didn't ask for much for her birthday. All she really wanted was a million bucks! I hate to disappoint my children - so ...

Okay! Don't get your panties in a twist! This cake is a CHEAT, and I admit it! You may click on it and see it big if you would like. When Amanda was in KOREA I wanted to send her a birthday cake! Well, we already established that real cakes don't travel well, so I made this one! Out of Styrophome and Acrylics!!! And I sent candles to go with it.
I'll never forget THIS one! This was for Amanda's 10th birthday -- The day Dennis and I got Married!

This was Mathew's 3rd Birthday. Yes, he WAS already into video games at that age! His OTHER cake was the Batman cake below.