I must say that this group brings me a LOT of pleasure! Until I met my friend, Fleabag, I never knew that I was really a LARGE kitty hiding in a smaller body. But now that I have figured it out, I am doing effurything under my power to BULK UP!!!

I have to admit that I'm a furry finicky eater. I do not like people food at all ... except for an occassional taste of crab. But that's it! So the majority of my "bulk" has to come from catfood -- which I am purroud to say - I have gotten meowmie up to 2 cans a day now!!! Plus crunchies on the side!!! I'm sure if I keep whining I can get her to toss in lunch too! She's quite the pushover!

In addition to the extra rations, I also try to stop by the Kitty Ka'Booze 2 or 3 nights a week to knock back a few brewskies with whoever happens to be hanging around! (Kitty Ka'Booze is an establishment of my own creation, and many good times are had there! Stop in sometime!) But the MOST important part of my "bulking program" revolves around Roly Poly Rawers! THIS is the place that I come to receive encouragement and when the v*t says "put that kitty on a diet", I come HERE and hear "oh nooooo... no diets fur US! WE are the ROLY POLY Rawers! And that is how we like to stay! (well, admittedly, sOme do stand for health and fitness and losing weight and all that... but I tend to ignore them...)

I guess the most impurrtant thing is that here at Roly Poly's we are "accepted as is" and we do try to help and encourage others with our "goals", whatever they may be!

AND... let me not forget the BEST part!

WE HAVE FUN!!! Every month we have a Trivia question we can try to answer -- they are not toooo difficult -- I bet you COULD get them! And sometimes we play word searches, or make a little something. We have an area for sharing tips on weight loss or weight gain... and if you're totally STUMPED about something - ANYthing, we have our furry own advice columnist!

And look! Here are some of the awards I have won! Every month there is the opportunity to win some sort of an award! Awards are GREAT -- but doing the stuff is the most fun!



So. There you have it! Roly Poly Rawers is just a really GREAT group to belong to! So, if you happen to be a furry small kitty, you need to start eating and lifting lots of weights! BULK IT UP! So you can come join us!