I'm a little shelter kitten.
One look at me and you'll be smitten
With my adorable little face!
Please, take me out of this place!

I'm a little shelter cat.
I'm awfully sweet, but not too fat.
If you would feed me fish and crunchies,
I would let you rub my tummy!

I'm a little shelter stray.
Would you adopt me? Make my day?
A home with love and hugs is nice...
And I would take care of the mice!

Just see me in this cage of steel...
Imagine how it makes me feel
To lay in here for all these days.
Oh, how I want to run and play!
I promise I don't cost too much...
The fee includes my shots and such.
Please take me home with you!
Mew mew mew...

~ By Melli Lantz ~