The first thing we noticed at the Rainforest was a sign outside that said "The Adventure Begins Here!" ... but we were pretty sure that OUR adventure had already begun, and they just had NO IDEA! Silly people!

Of course, Barb ran into a CLOSE friend as soon as we got there!


    Then, you know, Monkey see, Monkey do? Well, he wanted to play with my camera! Turns out he's a better photographer than I am! Barb and Melli with the fish...

Finally the waiter showed us to our seats. We were NOT seated in the RAINY part of the rainforest... that was a bit of a disappointment. But we did have a delightful view of the stars! And LOTS of flora and fauna! We started the meal with a glass of iced tea -- but it couldn't match up to STARBUCKS, so we traded it in on something with a bit more birthday panash!


Of course, being the "party girls" that we are...
(our drinks were "virgin"... LOL!)

We had a crab dip for appetizer, and then crab cake sandwiches for lunch! We were feeling "crabby"! It was GREAT! But all the while we could feel strange eyes upon us!

This baby elephant kept watch from around the corner...



This adorable kitty had a birds eye view!

We ended the festivities with a VOLCANO!

At this time all the waiter and waitresses are supposed to come clapping and sing Happy Birthday, and embarrass the living daylights out of Barb -- but the waiter apologized and said he didn't realize it was her birthday. I guess the BALLOONS weren't a big enough HINT! So I "Happy Birthday'd" her all by myself! And it was fine! Cuz NOTHING could be MORE embarrassing than having ME sing! For ANY occassion!


I love ya sweetie!