We met at the Metro Center. She was wondering who the "crazy lady" with the balloons was. Turned out to be me and they turned out to be for HER! See how HAPPY she is?

(Psssssst... Bronnie! You got her the Big Heart one with stars all around!)

We (translated to "I", I suppose...) had decided that "we" should go to Tysons I (that would be Tysons ONE) Mall (as opposed to Tysons 2 Mall ... or even Tysons 2 Galleria...) to have lunch at the Rainforest Cafe and I had also decided that of course we would be able to get there on the Metro. You can get ANYWHERE on the Metro - right? So...

We hopped a train and went off to see what kind of adventures we could find! Barb and I ALWAYS find an adventure when we get together!

(and what am I doing holding these balloons? It's not MY birthday!)


Well, it turns out that Metro's don't go NEAR Tysons 1. But BUSSES do! So we found a bus and the driver (who happend to speak English) said that YES he could get us very close to Tysons 1 and he was very nice so we (translated as "I", I suppose) trusted him! And when he dropped us off about 3 blocks away and said "See that Macy's?" I said yes! He said "Go there." I said OKAY! And so we went -- with ME carrying the balloons so Barb could smoke a cigarette... But a funny thing happend on the way to that Macy's. (adventure?) We saw a sign that said Tysons 2. ( i think the adventure begins right here...) Soooo... the bus was already gone, so I guessed we better go ahead to Macy's! I LIKE Macy's! Macy's is good! But it's not IN Tyson's 1... But Tyson's ONE is just a short trip away... if you're a camel. And so we decided that perhaps a TAXI CAB was in order! Turns out you can get one if you go out into the mall (the Galleria Mall) and then over to the RITZ! (it ain't a cracker...) So we went there.

And THIS is what happend!
(but notice... she did not let loose of the balloons)

The funny little man who waved his hand and made a cab appear was not amused by the fact that I was pretty sure I could wave MY hand just as easily and make a cab appear - and thus NO tip for the little man! Barb didn't care she was too busy worryin' about that BUMP on her head from when the little man PUSHED her into the cab with her balloons! (that's MY story and I'm stickin' to it!) ... the cab driver spoke a leetle English - yes? And he drove very nicely and got us to Our Destination - TA DA! Yes, the nice little cab driver got the tip! :)

Our REAL destination as I mentioned was the Rainforest Cafe... so where did Barb drag us to first?


She is totally addicted! But look, that straight shot of Starbucks Caffeine has perked her up a little!

As a matter of fact, at this point she was awake enough to want to open presents! She just couldn't WAIT until we got to the Rainforest! :)

So with this task out of the way, we now felt ready to go get some real food!
(that and the fact that it was now our TURN to get in to the Rainforest!)
So, come along!